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challenge week 3!

August is whizzing by and I can't quite believe I only have one week of my challenge left. I will miss it in some ways, but won't miss the struggle of finding time to paint. Some of these have been very late night sessions.

Day 16: Ink

Day 17: Graphite
Day 18: Pastel
Day 19: Ink
Day 20: Gouache
Day 21: Graphite

Day 22: Gouache

You can follow my progress daily on instagram @hrequineart

The halfway mark

August is flying and I am already past the halfway mark of my challenge!
Day 9: Pastel
Day 10: Watercolour

Day 11: Ink
Day 12: Graphite
Day 13: Acrylic

Day 14: Graphite

Day 15: Pastel

You can follow my progress daily on instagram @hrequineart.

weekend #2 of the challenge

So after a diverse start, a rather watery week followed!

Day 3: Watercolour Day 4: Watercolour Day 5: Watercolour Day 6: Gouache Day 7: Watercolour

Day 8: Gouache Follow me on instagram  @hrequineart for daily updates

August challenge!

Time to challenge myself!
30 paintings in 30 days. But there are more rules to make things interesting 😈

1. One subject. For me, horses obviously.

2. Six mediums: Watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink, pastel, graphite.

3. Only 5 paintings in each medium.

So... I have put the name of each medium on a straw, to be drawn each morning, so I never know what I will get! Once I have drawn/used a medium 5 times, that straw will go in the bin so potentially the scope could narrow fairly quickly. Time will tell.

Day one was graphite.
Not my favourite medium and one of the reasons for the challenge; to get me out of my comfort zone and try different things

Day two was ink and another medium I don't usually use, talk about in with a bang! I thought I would try my hand at zentangling for this one. It hurt my eyes!

I now have to wait and see what tomorrow brings!
You can follow my progress on instagram @hrequineart