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Chrimbo Limbo!

A winter sunset

I actually like the days between Christmas and New Year.
Christmas is done, the planning, stress and everything that goes with it is finished, I am off work for a few days and finally have time to come up for air and clear my head.
It's a good time to reflect on the year gone by. So much happens and is forgotten in our busy lives, so its nice to have a chance to revisit and mentally digest everything; the good, the bad, the ugly and to realise how far I have come and how lucky I am . Whilst it's human nature to remember the bad stuff, it's so important to remember the good and to turn what you thought was bad around into something positive.
From this reflection, I can set my goals for the coming year. I believe very much in constant development and evolution. Stand still and this world will leave you behind. Listen, learn evolve and grow!
I will endeavour to record some of my progress here as well as my Facebook page
Meanwhile, I wish all reading this health and happiness for the coming year.


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Watching paint dry!

Well, Blue-Silver is finished and framed.
Next project is a little different and hopefully taking me closer to the vision in my head of what I am trying to portray in my work. The aim has always been to capture movement and grace. Meanwhile, I find myself doodling in my journal whilst I wait for a layer of paint to dry and rekindling my relationship with firefox as my browser since chrome is driving me crazy and won't recognize my scanner grrrrrr!

The dark side

I have always been obsessed with light. My journey in the creative world began in photography, so I learned to look at light in a very specific way. I learned the importance of light and shade and how to make it work in a composition. Light can add shape and dimensions, or hide them depending on how you use it. It's interesting how different coloured natural light at different times of the day as well as the angle of the light fall can also make a huge difference to a photo.
 The same applies with painting. I love how light can accentuate a subject, especially a horse. I can define their muscles, highlight their manes, whiskers and tips of their ears. These are all things I find beautiful. I returned to this muse again recently with two small canvasses.

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It's been almost 2 years since I blogged. Sorry about that. Life is busy and social media is time consuming so I have had to prioritise my efforts.
I have been busy making my work available online and  building a new website.
Meanwhile, here is where you can buy works and horse up your life.

I am trying to decide whether the word needs another art blog or if it might be more fun and interesting to make this a little wider. Perhaps an insight into the life and times of the artist behind the easel. Or perhaps a little more about how the inspiration for the pieces came to be.

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This painting and many of those in my up close and personal collection are  inspired by my evenings in the barn with my horses. The sun is setting and the  light fading. All is quiet and still, just the sounds of horses contentedly munching their hay and dozing. This is very much a horse owner's view. We rarely see our animals from th…