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Labels are for Bottles

Well look at this, just like buses, you wait for ages and then two come along together!

I saw poster on my way to work this morning with "Labels are for Bottles" and I thought it was spot on and followed nicely from my previous rant, so I thought I would meander down this avenue and see where it takes me.
As a species, we do like a label don't we? In one breath we say people are a "this" or a "that" and in the very next breath, extol the virtues of individuality!

When it comes to art and all things creative, there are a multitude of genres and styles. I find it really hard to nail my colours to any particular mast as I feel what I create crosses a few styles, so I am wondering..... is it up to me to decide my label, or do I have to accept whatever others decide best fits?

I still haven't got a name for this piece, never-mind not knowing what category it fits into

Am I expressionist, contemporary.... does it really matter?

It might if it ultimately influences who sees it. This goes wider than art too. Are we limiting ourselves by pigeonholing into boxes or labels, or is this just the best way of getting seen by the right people?
What do people do when they look for art? Do they seek out a particular style, or are they just looking for something they think is pretty? So many questions and I'm fairly certain there is no right answer.

So as I ponder my situation, I become aware of what troubles me about the concept of labelling, which is how restricting it is. It may not be the same for everyone, but for me, my art is a journey. Sometimes I have a sense of direction, sometimes I don't. Part of the fun is not really knowing where the creative journey will take me, but trusting my instincts enough to let it take me there. I can start off with an idea for a painting, but so often, as it develops, it seems to develop a life of it's own and it's fun to see where it goes.This might mean that my style changes from previous works.

Where art galleries are concerned, I know they seek cohesive bodies of work and would shy away from an artist with wildly varied styles and discouraging experimentation. It makes good business sense as collectors will start to recognise an artist by style and subject.

And now for something very different....

But now I am going to take a full circle back to the creativity theme and experimentation comes as a part of that, so there has to be some wiggle room right? I created a small series of watercolour paintings last summer, based on my rides through local woodland. These bear no resemblance to my work in acrylic or pastel. It was great fun and allowed me to paint in a way I don't usually. I might revisit this series at some point, I might not. Time will tell. Meanwhile, back to the easel I have another painting to finish!

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